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Learn about our work in the Olympia area to keep families safe

Our certification in the family safety and self-defense systems of Dave Young allows us to provide a variety of family safety resources to children, teens and parents in the Olympia WA area

Locally, we offer seminars and classes for children, teens and parents on how to stay safe and defend yourself, if attacked.

These seminars and classes are provided at our Olympia Defense Expert school.

Our training is unlike other programs that just offer statistics on the significance of the problem and tired old advice (that doesn’t work) like “don’t talk to strangers” and “always yell for help.”

Instead, we teach families how to stay safe and defend yourself if attacked using proven methods developed by Dave Young, who has been concerned about family safety since 1972 — initially for himself (due to the neighborhoods in which he was brought up), then as a police officer and, more recently, for his own children (five boys and a girl). Today, Dave is an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer.

In addition, we also offer family safety information for parents via our:

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